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Dave Lutz

2016 Changemaker: Dave Lutz

For transforming volumes of data into actionable business insights to take meetings to the next level

Dave Lutz, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Managing Director
Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Making Change
As a company that provides strategy consulting for large annual conferences, we’ve learned that the best way to ignite a reimagining is to provide evidence for what should change and why. This has led us to adopt and invent methodologies for diagnosing the health of a conference’s business model and value proposition.

A data-supported analysis sets the stage for strategic conversations for target audience, education, and networking differentiation, and monetization, marketing, and amplification strategy. 

What’s Next?
Intentionality. We want to help organizers zero in on a few big-picture issues that are threaded throughout the conference journey. These issues need to be future-focused, and they need to progress the profession. Being all things to all people will not resonate during this period of high disruption.

Team Player
The things that I’m most proud of are the industry contributions and leadership of the team members I’ve worked with. I’ve been blessed to have extended careers at two industry leading companies—Conferon/Experient and now Velvet Chainsaw. For the most part, I have surrounded myself with—and enabled others to be—changemakers. Their accomplishments blow my mind!

Best Business Advice
You want to work for the best in world at something. If the company culture is strong, but you’re not the best, narrow the focus on what you do and who you serve.

Got a Spare Hour?
I’ll be taking a boat ride with a beer, hopefully right before a barbeque.

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