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Seafood Conventioneers to Nor’easter: Go Fish

Despite this week’s large-scale storm, Annual Seafood Expo participants had a reel good time in Boston.

While Bostonians hunkered down as the third nor’easter in just over a week slammed into town, the Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America weathered the storm swimmingly. Held March 11–13 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the last day of the show actually drew better-than-usual attendance since no one could get a flight out the day the blizzard hit, according to an article in the Boston Globe.

Sure, some of the 1,341 exhibitors from around the world may have looked out their hotel windows that morning and sighed, “Oh cod,” and crabbed about all that snow. Others may have been herring rumors about it being tough to navigate slushy sidewalks. But apparently most had no problems getting to the BCEC and hooking some new customers on the show floor, while others eyed new opportunities and decided to mullet them over. 

All in all, it appears there was somefin for everyone, no one sharked their responsibilities as they cruised the aisles, and it was sardinely good business as seafood suppliers from around the world got to meet with buyers from restaurants, supermarkets, catering firms, seafood markets, hotels, airlines, and cruise lines. 

Note: Please don’t conch-fish-skate my writer’s license for all these terrible puns. I just couldn’t pass up the oppor-tuna-ty, even if it is a bit shellfish!

One awful fish joke and then I promise I'll stop: What does a fish say when it hits a concrete wall? Oh dam!

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