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Resuming In-Person Events: When HQ and Chapters Disagree

If local chapters oppose a national headquarters directive to cease in-person meetings for now, then requiring all members to sign a Covid-19 liability waiver is a good idea.

As if there aren’t enough meetings-related issues for the association community to deal with right now—driving sufficient revenue through virtual events being the elephant in the room—here’s another potential complication: Local chapters going rogue with in-person events.

This article from the American Society of Association Executives tells the story of a national association that got resistance from at least one of its local chapters about its ban on in-person gatherings conducted in the name of the association. The solution: National headquarters sent out a mandatory waiver to all members that absolves the national association from liability in case an in-person attendee is diagnosed with Covid-19 after a local gathering. The consequences for any member who failed to sign and return the waiver? Probation and possible expulsion from the association.

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