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A Mid-Sized AMC Steps Up Its Game

Atlanta-based Meeting Expectations expands into leadership consulting even for groups that don’t need full-time association-management support.

In October, association-management firm Meeting Expectations announced new services aimed at improving the performance of those who lead associations and nonprofit groups of any size.

The 28-year-old firm’s foray into leadership consulting is designed to provide clients with tools and insights to assess, plan, and improve both the strategic and operational aspects of their organizations. The expanded services include organizational and market assessments, strategic planning facilitation, and board of directors’ orientation and training.

“During a time of high unemployment and great uncertainty, associations are stepping up to provide members with valuable solutions and support like never before,” said Karl Kirsch, CAE, vice president at Meeting Expectations. “The introduction of these specialized consulting services allows more organizations to tap into such expertise.”

While the company provides full-service management to more than 15 associations, leadership consulting is available as a stand-alone offering. “There is tremendous value in bringing in an outside party who can make unbiased assessments, facilitate growth, and even just spark renewed enthusiasm within an established organization,” Kirsch said. 

One of the first clients to use the 28-year-old AMC’s new services was the Construction Owners Association of America. Howie Ferguson, COAA’s executive director, said that “through interviews, in-person discussions, small-group exercises, and other research, Meeting Expectations provided tangible guidance and recommendations tailored specifically to our board. That made our meetings more effective and strengthened the relationship between the board and association staff. And we are continuing to work on ‘mega-issues’ identified during the process that will play a huge part in sustaining the organization,” and specifically in adjusting to the short-term and longer-term business ramifications of the Covid pandemic.

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