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Making the Most of the Data You Have

When it comes to marketing your association’s events, the data you already possess has far more value than you might realize. Here’s how to best use it.

To drive attendance for both virtual and in-person events, the data that comes from each member’s activity across the entire year can be leveraged in various ways. In this article for the American Society of Association Executives, Anthony Forte, vice president of digital strategy for Fixation Marketing, details not only which types of data provide a surprising degree of insight but also the ways that such data can be used to develop upcoming event-marketing campaigns.

The result is a blueprint for action based on information ranging from event-registration profile data to behavioral data related to specific digital materials across the association’s email communications, social-media channels, and website. The best part: The cost of each tactic is scalable and thus controllable, while the results are measurable.

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