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Keep Your Events from Being Cloned by Competitors

Build your "event DNA" so that the experience constantly evolves to stay fresh, relevant, and top of mind for your audience.

Planners and organizations work hard to make their events impactful and desirable to their audiences every year. But over time, every event must change in ways that prevent a competitor from developing a new event for that same audience and luring attendees away. This has happened countless times before—didn't there used to be a thing called COMDEX?—and it will continue to happen to organizations that don't have the ability to morph their events quickly in the ways the audience wants.

According to digital-media and event marketing veteran Dean Horowitz, creating event DNA that cannot be cloned must revolve around a customer-experience feedback platform that includes not just your own surveys and attendee forums, but also social listening and other ways to get the granular information that can bring meaningful changes to a program year after year.

In this article, Horowitz provides a detailed blueprint for developing an event DNA that cannot be copied by outsiders, ensuring your event is the first one your audience thinks of for education and networking.


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