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Bullish on Phoenix, Heritage Adds Full-Service Warehouse

The midwestern-based general-services contractor has opened its fourth major branch.

Heritage Nationwide Exposition Services has opened a new office and warehouse in Phoenix to serve the Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico, and Southern Texas markets.

“The Phoenix market has all of the key factors that a hospitality-focused company like Heritage would want in a destination,” says John W. Bettag, CMP, senior vice president, business development, at the St. Louis-based company. “This includes a state and local government that supports business investment and growth; a large, highly skilled and competitive convention and trade-show work force; an expansive and fast-growing meeting venue community; and a cohesive and effective Arizona marketing and destination planning organization.” 

Heritage has other full-service facilities in Las Vegas, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. In the past, clients in the Southwest were serviced out of the firm's Las Vegas or Nashville offices. Bettag notes that the new Phoenix facility will be similar in size to the others, use the same standard operating procedures, and have the same capabilities, which include providing carpet, furnishings, decorating equipment, and graphic production on a direct basis without subcontracting.

“We anticipate significant growth in the Phoenix, Tucson, and greater Southwest market in the future and look forward to supporting that growth,” says Ryan Yemm, president of Heritage. “Our new office and warehouse will provide the foundation to quickly grow our Phoenix-based team and operations while supporting our customers’ return to business as usual.”

The new Heritage office and warehouse are less than three miles from the Phoenix Convention Center.

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