Why Meet Face to Face? A Bizzabo Infographic

Analysts project that by 2015 more people will access the Internet from a mobile device than from a personal computer.

Considering that 205 million people attended more than 1.8 million meetings in 2011 and accounted for $263 billion in direct spending, the founders of Bizzabo set out to enhance face-to-face interaction at meetings via mobile devices by creating what it hopes will become the standard networking app for all business events. The app cross references attendees’ LinkedIn profiles and identifies the most beneficial contacts among them.

Bizzabo launched its iPhone and Android apps for event-goers and a new self-service web interface for event organizers last June, and became the official event app for tech events in 2012 including the Dublin Web Summit, ad:tech London, Qualcomm Uplinq, MLOVE ConFestival, NOAH Conference, GROW 2012, and Internet Week Europe.

It then analyzed its own data from thousands of events and tens of thousands of business interactions, combined it with other publicly available data, and created the attached infographic to show why face-to-face meetings are so vital.

Event organizers who use Bizzabo are able to mobilize and socialize their event. Main features include the ability to communicate in real time with all attendees at once and help increase pre-event social buzz. In addition, Bizzabo also allows event organizers to share the event agenda and speaker profiles with attendees using its event app.

While Bizzabo is currently free of charge and is focused on growing its user base of organizers and attendees, the company soon plans to help organizers generate more revenues out of its platform by offering premium features to sponsors and exhibitors.