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Digital Edition

MeetingsNet November/December 2023 Digital Edition

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Cover Story: Generative A.I.: A Planner’s Most Powerful PartnerJust one year into the era of generative artificial intelligence, its potential to help build, promote, execute, and analyze business events is mind-boggling.

On Tap: The AI Planning Era BeginsAn increasingly frequent question for event professionals: “Have you tried A.I. yet?”

On the Fly: EV charging … digital passports … incentive preferences … green fares … hotel superyachts

Association: Tweaking Sponsorships:
3 Expert Perspectives
Insights into sponsor-package elements and pricing, new attendee touchpoints, and “parasite” companies operating outside the show

Medical: Audience-Engagement Strategies That Are Worth the EffortA medical-event producer shares ideas for grabbing and holding attendees’ attention.

Sites & Venues: Our monthly gallery of new and renovated meeting properties around the world