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Digital Edition

MeetingsNet January/February 2024 Digital Edition

Cover Story: Designing for BelongingCreating environments where every individual feels valued, accepted, and connected

On Tap — Building Community: The power of face-to-face is being leveraged even by those with the largest possible bullhorns.

On the Fly — Airfares stabilizing … know your BATNA … peach fuzz vibes … global RFP data

Association — Next-Level Attendee Data = Sponsor & Exhibitor Gold: How associations can leverage their proprietary information to engage sponsors and exhibitors beyond the annual meeting.

Contracts — A.I. and Meeting Contracts: Don’t Ignore the Warning Label: The new meetings-industry A.I. engine is impressive, but planners need to use its contracts section with care.

Medical — Medical-Events Planner: “Totally in Love with What I Do”: Even with budgetary and logistical challenges, Vanessa Bass remains obsessed with the human elements of business events.

Sites & Venues — Our monthly gallery of new and renovated meeting properties around the world