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Cue the Video: Destinations Online

Whether you are researching a city for a meeting or just waiting for the next series of “Killing Eve” to drop, here are some of MeetingsNet’s favorite videos.

Suddenly, an entire field of professionals who travel for work almost as much as professional sports teams are grounded. Sure, there is a lot of work to do on cancellations and planning for the future, but for planners who are researching destinations for post-pandemic meetings—or are just getting tired of Netflix—here are some intriguing videos that MeetingsNet found.

Incentive trips are often to exotic locations, but so far Rwanda has not managed to break the top 20. It might, though, if enough people watch this video.

Most convention centers in the U.S. and abroad now have virtual tours on the venue website, but this fabulously exuberant amateur video of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando gives a taste of what it’s like to walk around inside and outside.

Oklahoma City is proud to announce it has a brand-new convention center opening this year, and a new transportation system, hotels, restaurants, and outdoor venues. This city is ready for your business. You could say, it’s “A-OK.”  

This video from Scotland is less of a destination promotion and more of a guided meditation with lush visuals and the words of the Victorian naturalist and explorer, John Muir. If you want to see some actual venues you’ll have to look here.

If you are not researching an event and are just yearning to take a trip, Lonely Planet has a great selection of short videos on everything from learning to dance in a castle in Croatia to taking a taxi in Tokyo, where most streets are unnamed.

Some destinations are usually so overcrowded that it is impossible to really see their essence. Here are some clips from Venice, London,  and New York without traffic jams and tourists.

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