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[Webinar] Go Rogue: Transforming Sustainability from Optional to Imperative

Now available on-demand!

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Webinar live date: June 29, 2022 at 2pm ET / 11am PT
Duration: 1 hour    

CARBON: 50 billion tons of materials enter the global economy every year, and the event and hospitality industry is a key contributor.

CONSUMPTION: For the past 200 years, global consumption has been that of a linear economy (“take–make–waste”).

SUPPLY CHAIN: Our current approach to procuring and nurturing sustainable suppliers is lacking in fairness, diversity, and equity. 

When we consider these issues, it’s hard to imagine that some still view designing events sustainably as an option. Join this session to becoming a “GO ROGUE* change-maker” and take action for a sustainable events industry. Together, we will learn about circular design and how to apply it to carbon emissions, consumption, supply chain, and the sustainability success of your event and organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is circularity? What are the risks it mitigates, the opportunities it creates, and the trends it accelerates? 
  • Identify organizational- and events-related barriers and the solutions to break through them.
  • Learn how to rethink partnerships by building new ones and evolving existing ones at the same time.
  • How to GO ROGUE*

*Galvanize, Outside the box, Replicate and report, Overcome, Gain momentum, Unusual partners, Equity


The “Three Circuleers”—David Fiss, Paul Salinger, and Chance Thompson—are back after a productive sustainability series at IMEX America ‘21, joined by Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton. We’re thrilled to partner with MeetingsNet to help build a circular events industry that is truly sustainable.

10.26.21 Aurora Dawn Benton Headshot.pngDr. Aurora Dawn Benton, aka The Change-maker
Chief Change Agent, Astrapto


11.6.21 Paul Salinger Headshot.pngPaul Salinger, aka The Provocateur  
Event Sustainability Evangelist (former Oracle VP)


11.6.21 David Fiss Headshot.pngDavid Fiss, aka The Cactopus
Director of Corporate Partnerships & Event Strategy, Sustainable Brands


1.22.21 Chance Thompson Headshot.pngChance Thompson, aka The Designer

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