The Active Network Unveils New “OnDemand” Event Management Tools

The Active Network Inc., a software technology and marketing solutions provider that started out managing large-scale endurance races across the country in the late 1990s, has released ActiveEvents OnDemand, a scalable, Web-based event management solution for meeting professionals. The release comes more than a year after the company bought RegOnline and WingateWeb, two of the country’s largest and most popular online registration and event management companies.

The company’s ActiveEvents division facilitates online registration, audience acquisition, and event and attendee management for small and large meetings alike. Their “event lifecycle management” suite includes an e-mail marketing platform that allows planners to design, deliver, and track e-mail marketing campaigns, says Eric Olson, senior director of strategy, ActiveEvents. It also allows management of multiple events simultaneously.

What makes OnDemand different, Olson says, is how quickly and easily planners can begin using its many features. “ActiveEvents partners an enterprise service and custom technology approach with a world-class, self-service platform,” he explains. “We have spent thousands of hours over the past several months studying how our customers use our system. OnDemand represents a major upgrade in user experience. The user interface now better follows meeting planners’ workflows and provides better visibility into every stage of the event lifecycle. The result is quicker deployment on a self-service application that has the robust feature set of a complicated, custom solution,” says Olson.

The new product offers scaled pricing based on the complexity of the event. The pricing sheet at the company’s Web site lists $4 per registrant as the “express” pricing option and $6 per registrant for the “pro” version.

“It’s our belief that smart event organizers are looking for flexibility to meet the needs of many different types of events,” he says. “If a meeting planner in London needs to hold a five-person webinar, he or she can use OnDemand Express to deploy that in minutes and incur minimal costs. If a meeting planner in New York is focused on creating and measuring results for a sales event, she can deploy that event using OnDemand Pro to drive attendance through advanced marketing, analyze Web performance, share real-time reports, and track attendee satisfaction feedback. And at the same time, a director of marketing in Vancouver can manage a conference for 30,000 people with full event-lifecycle management, including audience generation, Web analytics, speaker management, content management, housing management, registration, on-site tools, advanced event analytics, and lead generation.”

Active Events On Demand [2] is recognized as PCI Level 1 Compliant, an important security feature in the world of online event registration and management.