Who Are the Key Stakeholders in Your SMM?

And Why Include Them?

Here's why the following nine groups are invested in your strategic meetings management program—and why you need to consider all of them part of the process:

1) Senior executives—Key to driving acceptance

2) Meetings staff—Must understand and support the SMMP and become change agents

3) Clients—Have a vested interest in how changes will affect success of their meetings

4) Procurement—Will help give credibility to processes

5) Travel—Collaboration will provide you with optimal results

6) Occasional planners—Can work against you if they do not support the process

7) Legal/regulatory—Processes you may want to implement may have legal ramifications

8) Corporate audit—Do new processes fulfill corporate audit requirements?

9) Finance—Will need to assist with data collection, payment processes and compliance—Betsy Bondurant