SITE Member Poll Points to 02 Rebound

SITE members from more than three dozen countries responding to an electronic poll were cautiously optimistic about a return to health in the incentive industry in the coming year.

The poll taken during the organization’s recent conference in Lisbon, Portugal, found that nearly six out of 10 SITE members have rebooked any business lost in the fourth quarter of 01. 30.3 percent that some of it has been rescheduled in 2002/3. US business is being re-booked in higher numbers : 48 percent of US delegates at the meeting have seen most of their lost business re-booked versus 22 percent from other countries.

When will the industry return to pre-September 11 levels? One third of the audience anticipates a return by the second quarter of 2002, while another thirty percent anticipates a full return by the third quarter. One-quarter of the audience believes it will be 2003 before the see pre-September business levels.

US delegates led the way in predicting a second quarter return. The light at the end of the tunnel view is confirmed by staffing decisions. Nearly three-quarters of delegates report that staffing will stay the same or increase in 2002. US delegates were twice as likely to be hiring in 2002 as their international counterparts.

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