Kidney Cancer Association Puts Symposium On Streaming Video

The Kidney Cancer Association has announced the availability of a series of webcasts that will expand access to the latest information on cutting edge research and treatment of kidney cancer to physicians, Ph.D. researchers, patients, families and survivors throughout the world. The initiative, which includes webcasts and a CD-ROM produced by Eveo, Inc. (, features excerpts from the Second International Kidney Cancer Symposium held in Chicago last October. The CD-ROM allows viewers to see discussions of current clinical trials, surgical options, allogenic transplants and vaccine therapy for kidney cancer by speakers from the U.S., England, France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Click here [1] to view the video.

Funding for this project was provided through an educational grant from the Chiron Corporation.

"Eveo's savvy with streaming video has provided us with a wonderful solution to the problem of sharing important information with our constituents," said Carl F. Dixon, president and CEO of the Kidney Cancer Association. "There are literally thousands of patients, survivors, family members and physicians who were unable to attend the Symposium and otherwise would not have access to the information presented, who will benefit from this marriage of health information, events and rich media technology."

"Streaming video deployed on the Kidney Cancer Association Web site promotes greater awareness of the latest therapy research findings on this disease," added Dixon. "Rich media provides in-depth information in a clear and compelling manner and possesses a unique ability to convey information to people."

Eveo, a provider of rich media and video communications solutions, is delivering the KCA's Symposium on the Web using EveoPresenter, an interactive suite of technology tools that synchronizes video with flash and other rich media elements. Eveo is also promoting the on-line symposium through a comprehensive marketing program using EveoMail, a video e-mail solution, CD-ROM distribution, and traditional print promotions.

"Many oncologists missed this critical symposium, which unveiled results of recent drug trials for treatment of patients with metastatic kidney cancer," said Eveo CEO Olivier Zitoun. "This educational Web video initiative is providing kidney cancer researchers and specialists an opportunity to reach a global audience -- especially the many who weren't able to attend this important scientific forum."

This initiative's sponsor, Chiron, manufactures and markets therapeutics including its cancer product, Proleukin (aldesleukin), currently approved in over 45 countries for treatment of patients with metastatic kidney cancer and/or metastatic melanoma.

About the Kidney Cancer Association
The Kidney Cancer Association was founded in 1990 and is a membership organization made up of patients, survivors, family members, physicians, researchers and other health professionals. Their goal is to continue their efforts until a cure for kidney cancer is found and made available to all patients. The association, a nonprofit voluntary health agency that is designated as a tax-exempt organization, accepts donations to support its focus in three primary areas: patient education and support; research; and advocacy.

The Association hosts the International Kidney Cancer Symposium every other year. Last fall's event was attended by 186 key individuals from leading laboratories and centers working with renal cell carcinoma and offered professional education to physicians and healthcare professionals.