MIM Meets Online and Off

In-person meetings have a kind of irresistible pull…even for the most dedicated online groups. Take the Meeting Matters listserv on Cardinal Communications' Meeting Industry Mall ( [3]), an online community for the meeting planning industry. While members chat daily on the listserv, they also are augmenting their online relationships by meeting informally at industry events like ASAE and MPI's WEC. MIMListers also are holding social events to meet their nearby online colleagues face to face, most recently in the Chicago and Washington, D.C., areas.

Joan Eisenstodt, president of Eisenstodt Associates, LLC, Washington, D.C., and listmistress of the MIM listserv, said in a recent post, “People who get to know each other electronically want to meet in person and continue and grow the relationships.”

To keep the online community growing, Cardinal Communications relaunched the Meetings Industry Mall this spring. The site now includes a job board; interactive white papers; and access to the MIMlist archives, among other services.