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Meetings Master Classes 2018 Webinar Series Session 2: Understand Your Participants Through Attendee Personas

Live webinar date: February 22, 2018, at 2 p.m. ET - 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Meeting success begins with delivering experiences that make attendees want to engage, learn, and come back the next time. To do that, you’ve got to understand your audience: what motivates them, what excites them, what makes them engage or disengage. Join MeetingsNet for a discussion of the high-level characteristics of six different attendee personas—brand fanatics, knowledge seekers, social butterflies, reluctant attendees, inspiration seekers, and tech-savvy networks—and recommendations for tailoring events to connect with what your participants value. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn

• The characteristics of six common meeting attendee types
• What drives each attendee type to attend conferences
• How to make your conference more welcoming to each attendee type


Milton Rivera, American Express Meetings & Events

Sue Pelletier, Editor, MeetingsNet




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