Who won the Cvent Event Photo Contest?

Who won the Cvent Event Photo Contest?

Wow, hard to imagine that Cvent got more than 1,400 photo submissions for its Great Event Photo Contest. Then again, maybe not, since the grand prize was $10,000, and we all think our events look the best, don't we?

Well, the judges have done their judging, and the company just announced that the World Balloon Convention had the $10k shot. Congratulations! The venue that hosted the event, the Sheraton Dallas, also scored $8k worth of free ads on Cvent's Supplier Network, and the finalists get $1k and a mention on the Cvent blog for their efforts.

Behold the WBC 2010 Land of Enchantment Gateway world_balloon_convention_2010_normal.jpg

The Facebook entry says of the photo: "The WBC 2010 brought more than 600 balloon professionals from all over the world together for top-quality education, dyamic competitions, powerful networking, and amazing parties. Over 46 different countries were represented in the delegation and more than 500,000 Qualatex balloons were used over the course of this premiere, 5-day convention."

And afterward, did the planner get to pop them all?

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