More thoughts on EventCamp Twin Cities 2011

And this time, they're not from me! Enjoy.

Adrian Segar on possible fixes for hybrid technology glitches/time delays (with some good responses in the comments as well)

CeCe Salomon-Lee on three technologies that may (or may not) be ready for prime time at more hybrid events.

Brandt Krueger from the sponsorship perspective. I hope he's wrong, that others do understand just how cool the #ECTC11 sponsors are for being willing and able to go all out supporting something as audacious as this conference (and how well they performed their parts in the event). Stuff happens, folks.

Jenise Fryatt: If You're Not Breaking Things, You're Not Experimenting . I particularly love this part, which falls under the heading of Why Progress is So Difficult:

"We event industry professionals are perfectionists. Because we've seen proof that experimentation does lead to innovation, we'll pay lip-service to its value all day long. But when it actually comes to failing publicly, do we have the guts to follow through and support such efforts?"

EventCamp Twin Cities did, and I for one applaud them for it. Our industry associations have been doing some interesting things, too, but they (especially those who serve my market niche, continuing medical education providers) tend to stay away from the bleeding edge because, well, they don't want to get cut. I understand the urge to wait until all the kinks have been worked out.

But I'm glad there are people like ECTC11 organizers Samuel Smith and Ray Hansen out there breaking the eggs so we can all eat a really good hybrid meeting omelet. Thanks, and don't let the critics get you down. It went about 95 percent right for this participant, which is pretty high in my experience.

Update: Here's another one, from Corinne Kessel, a fellow EventCamp newbie who talks about her experience in the Vancouver pod. I love this quote: "I am thrilled to have been a part of such a radical attempt at event innovation. Things failed. But so much was learned."

Update 2: Cameron Toth has rounded up a few more, plus photos and videos.

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