More PCMA blogging goodness

If my blathering isn't enough PCMA coverage for you, check out this blog from planyourmeeting.com. And Nancy Wilson over at the green meeting blog also is posting her take on some of the green things going on here. I stopped by the green meetings "Ask the Experts" area yesterday and had the chance to finally meet Nancy in person, along with fellow green meeting experts Amy Spatrisano and Tamara Kennedy, who heads up the Green Meeting Industry Council.

One thing I was glad to hear from Nancy is that, despite my worries that all the greening of the industry that was in the news last year might be, well, too last year, are baseless. She said that she's been hearing that green initiatives are now making it into RFPs, meaning that planners now are demanding some things of their supplier partners. At last year's PCMA meeting, pretty much all the suppliers I asked had said that they were doing all kinds of things, but planners weren't asking for them yet. Now they're asking, which is a good sign. Though PCMA did not seem to be doing much itself in the green area with this conference...

...other than including a bunch of green meeting sessions, which I hear have been packed. So, interest level in all things environmental still does appear to be high. And that's a good thing.

(If you want to learn more about green meetings, we have compiled just a ton of stuff on this page of our Web site. I know every meetings magazine has done some things on greening meetings, but I'm particularly proud of our ongoing efforts in this area.)

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