ASAE Day 1: News about Sarfati

I forgot to mention that I learned today where Susan Sarfati, who recently announced she was leaving her post as executive vice president of the American Society of Association Executives and president and chief executive officer of the Center for Association Leadership, is landing.

According to a release, she's joining the American Program Bureau as executive vice president to "further expand the scope, influence, and success of the global speakers bureau." I'm not sure exactly how, but the release also says she will use her position to further social responsibility and sustainability, among other goals. My colleague and I will be speaking with her tomorrow, and hopefully will learn more about how this fits with her career goals.

Somehow, it isn't where I thought she would land. Totally selfishly, I was hoping she would stay within one of our industry associations, where she has already done such an incredible amount of good (and made ASAE's meetings a whole lot better, IMHO).

Here's a post about Sarfati's send-off party on Saturday night.

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